What is an Otaku? To some it is a negative term applied to some who show a more than health interest in anime or manga. The truth is, the term Otaku has changed over the years. It has been a negative term as stated above, and it has been used in a positive way to show someone’s love for a hobby. I want to expand on that second term. I want to show that an Otaku is not something to be ashamed of but, something that should be embraced.

With this blog I will be covering Anime, Manga, J-Pop, Japan, Japanese Culture, etc.. I hope you all enjoy my blogs.

My blogs will open for all to comment on. I look forward to talking to all my fellow Otaku out there. A few rules I want you all to keep in mind.

  1. Racial or sexist remarks will not be tolerated. You will be blocked.
  2. Cursing is allowed so long as it is not excessive. Try to remember kids may be reading.
  3. Religious bashing will not be tolerated. Regardless of religion. You will be blocked.





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