An unexpected Gem

On occasion I will come across an anime that surprises me.  When I look for something new to watch I take a few things into consideration.  Firstly is the cover photo for the show. You can often tell a lot from the cover. It is the first thing you see and it makes the biggest impact. When the drawing is well done it makes you want to see what a show is about. Sometimes although, the cover is not that great the show turns out to be an amazing anime. That is the case with Yona of the Dawn. The cover looks more like an older style show. The type that turns into a miniseries epic like those of the 1980’s.

The second is the story. When we read that back cover we want to see something exciting. Something that jumps out at us and makes us wants to watch the show. That is exactly what I got with this one. A young princess that watches the man she loves, murder her father. Fleeing the castle with her childhood friend and body guard; the two start out on an epic adventure.

The third thing I look for is hard to find out without watching at least one episode. Sometimes a preview will show it. What I look for is the sound track. The right music can make the show even better. I have found that the music of this show to be quite good. It isn’t on the same level as Fuuka, but it is very well done and fits this anime nicely.  I don’t know if this is the right description for it, but it sounds very earthy to me.

I highly recommend watching Yona of the Dawn. It has a special quality to it that will stick with you for a long time. As a bonus the voice actor for one of the main characters (Hawk) is Christopher Sabat. Christopher Sabat does the voice for Roronoa Zoro on One Piece. It was an unexpected pleasure to find that out. Christopher does an amazing job voicing this character. I kept expecting him to get lost though.


1 thought on “An unexpected Gem

  1. Possible spoiler ahead:

    I really enjoyed this anime. I read the manga before watching the anime, so I was really looking forward the anime. I’m disappointed that we’re not hearing any season 2. Sigh. But I want to be optimistic that we’ll get it.


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