Getting the biggest bang for your $$$

When do you buy your anime? Most people buy an anime when it comes out; especially if it is a continued series like Naruto Shippuden or One Piece. I certainly could not blame you. With all the amazing anime that comes out all year long it is easy to pick up a new show. That being said, what if you had a way to load up on the anime and save a lot of money in the process?

Every year Right stuff Anime: holds a big sale around Christmas. Dozens of anime go on sale daily. For the past few years they have run a “12 days of Christmas sale” in some form or another. Each day they would release a few anime for the sale.  By the end of the 12 days you would have dozens of anime to choose at highly discounted rates.

This isn’t the only sales they have going on either. They always have dozens of other items and anime on sale. Last year I was able to pick up $400 worth of anime for a fraction of that. A few years back I spent $300 and got around a $1,000 worth of anime. I know this hard to believe, but it is true. Check them out around Christmas and see for yourself.

The savings don’t stop with just the sales. If you have a Got Anime club membership, you can save even more. For example: Let’s say you want an anime that cost $50.00. It is on sale around Christmas for say $35.00. Got anime gives you an additional savings providing the title is eligible so let’s say this one is. Let’s also say your Got anime membership gives you an additional 5% off. That would be another $1.75. That put your price tag at $33.25.

I know that doesn’t seem like a lot of savings, but that is $16.75 you save on one title. What if there were more just like it? The savings would pile up. If you had just five anime you wanted and each one was eligible for the got anime discount, and all costed $35, that would be over ten dollars in savings. Give it a chance and you will see I am right


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