Upcoming & Current Anime

I thought I would put together a quick posting talking about upcoming anime titles. This is just my top five selection of anime that has either released already or will be releasing soon. Also, there is a new link to my blog. Be sure to bookmark it.www.theotakucorner.com

  1. The Ancient Magus’ Bride – Chise Hatori is sold into slavery. A mage buys her and makes her is apprentice after seeing her aptitude for magic. If he has his way, he will also make her his bride!The Ancient Magus' Bride
  2. Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 2 – Love Live is about a high school idol group who are trying to save their school. It is an amazing anime and will keep you entertained and laughing. Season one is streaming on Funimation.Love-Live-Sunshine-Season-2-Visual
  3. Anime-Gataris – It’s an Anime about an Anime club. What more do you need to know.animegataris_ogp
  4. A Sister’s All You Need – Is about a novelist who is trying to create the ultimate little sister. He is surrounded by old friends and fellow writers. They are all looked after by our protagonists little brother who has a secret. Check it out and discover what that secret is.a-sisters-all-you-need-light-novel-21919
  5. Recovery of an MMO Junkie – A 30 year old woman quits her job and becomes a Neet. She reinvents herself in an MMO as a male. What kind of craziness awaits her?Recovery of an MMO Junkie

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