Dimension W Anime review

For my second attempt at a review I chose Dimension W. Dimension W originally aired on January 10th, 2016 and is rated 17+ (Rated R for anyone who is not familiar with anime ratings). For a little background, the series is set in the future in the year 2072. A new dimension was discovered and energy is pulled from it to power every.

Dimension W starts out with our protagonist Kyoma Mabuchi working a job to recover illegal coils. Coils are how this energy from Dimension W are harnessed and used. As he is trying to recover these coils he finds that the very people for whom he is after have abducted a young girl. As he breaks in and demands the illegal coils he takes out most of his targets. Only one remains and he is holding the girl hostage.

Well this doesn’t stop Kyoma. He declares that he doesn’t care what happens to the girl. Well this girl, Mira Yurizaki, doesn’t need his help. She is an android with some very real human qualities and emotions. She takes out her captive and makes off with the illegal coils. This is the start of what becomes a partnership that will test our protagonist Kyoma’s past.

As the show progresses Kyoma continually reminds Mira that she is only a robot and her emotions aren’t real. However, I get the impression that Kyoma is trying to convince himself more than he is her. As the story unfolds we find that both Kyoma’s and Mira’s pasts are intertwined. What this connection is, you will only find out if you watch Dimension W. With a lot of action and heart string pulling, Dimension W will not disappoint. Stream it on Funimation or pick up a copy at your favorite anime shop.


2 thoughts on “Dimension W Anime review

  1. A Library Archivist October 12, 2017 — 10:48 pm

    I was disappointed by Dimension W. I thought it started interesting, but then took a sharp right turn into dumb violence rather than character development, and it wasn’t as interesting as the early parts of the story. I have to wonder if the author was bullied into that later portion because its such a jarring change from the first half.


    1. That would depend if you are commenting on the manga or the anime. I would agree that the Anime could have used more character development. That being said, I think that will be done in a second season if one comes.


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