A Few Updates

I made a couple changes to The Otaku Corner Blog. The first is the follow button next to the current blog post. I wanted another way to make it easier for everyone to follow my blog. Before this all I had was the grey follow button that disappears when you start scrolling and the email signup at the bottom of the blog. I didn’t like the idea that everyone had to scroll to the bottom to sign up.

The second thing I changed was the social media bar at the top. All it was doing until now was providing a link to those sites. When I first set that up I was not yet ready to utilize it. Since I have setup a Facebook page for The Otaku Corner. Go have a look and give me a follow there for more Otaku greatness.

I also linked in The Otaku Corner Pinterest account. I created the Pinterest account before starting this blog. I have a lot of great pins out there. You will find I have my boards separated. I have created a board for Anime, Manga, J-pop, and Japan.  Go save some of them to your boards, and give me a follow there also.

The twitter button is just my personal twitter account. Come over and check it out if you want to see what I am into. I don’t tweet much, but I do retweet a lot. I also recently started following Scandal and the band members. As I am sure you have noticed, I removed Instagram and LinkedIn. I have nothing out there for The Otaku Corner.

Well that’s it for this post. I wish I had something Otaku related to share with you, but sometimes you just need to do a little “house cleaning”. I’ll be making more changes in time. I’m ever thinking of adding a sign up for a digital newsletter. That’s providing I get enough followers. So if you want to see the digital newsletter, tell your friends to follow.


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