Fall Festivals

Japan is full of some amazing festivals all year long. However, the fall festivals are said to be something special. In one prefecture there may be many festivals. This is because; the shrines all have their own festival. The shrine festivals are held once a year to honor the deity of that shrine. Other festivals are reminders of the past. One for instance is the Saigu Procession. This celebrated the time when the emperors would send their daughters off to become shrine maidens. Below you will find a list of festivals in Japan with a little information on each.


Takayama Matsuri – October 9-10 and again on April 14-15, in the town of Takayama. This festival started in the 16 century.

Nagasaki Kunchi – October 7-9 at the Nagasaki Suwa Shrine Celebrated for four hundred years.

Jidai Matsuri – October 22, from the Kyoto Imperial Palace to the Heian Shrine It celebrates over one thousand years of history

Kushi Matsuri – October 10-13 in Kyoto famous for its ties that bind

Hiraoka Matsuri – 14-15 in Osaka Prefecture Taiko drums are used in a parade with three floats


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