Haunting in Japan

Halloween is right around the corner and we all like a little scare around this time of year. Let’s start with the word for ghost in Japanese. Yurei is just one of several words to describe ghosts, or spirits, in Japan. The Japanese have a much better grasp on ghosts then we do here in the USA. While we prefer not to have ghosts in our homes, the Japanese happily live with them.

You see in the Japanese culture when you die, your spirit goes to purgatory until the proper rites are performed at your funeral and post funeral. The Japanese believe if your rites are performed properly then your spirit will become a protector of the family. Incidentally, the word used to describe your soul is reikon. If for some reason the rites are not performed properly or there is unfinished business the reikon will become a Yurei.

It would seem that the Japanese separate the two where we do not. We see the soul or spirit as the same thing. Without further ado here is your list of haunted locations in Japan.


The first on this list is obvious. Aokigahara Forest is the most haunted place in Japan. Yearly the police go through the forest removing bodies of people that have committed suicide there. In fact the forest has been given the nickname The Suicide Forest.959_14_w480-016762n

The second on my list is the Akasaka Mansion, Tokyo. The Akasaka mansion is reported to be the most haunted place to stay while visiting Japan. Guests have reported seeing frightening apparitions. One guest claimed to have been dragged across the floor. Think you can handle staying in this hotel?


Next up on the list is Old Chusetsu Tunnel in Fukuoka. This tunnel has been abandoned for a good while now. Being a dark and unkempt tunnel makes it creepy enough. However, add in the rumors of eerie voices that are head as you walk through it and you get an entirely new level of fright.


The next location on our list in is in fact two places, Nagasaki and Hiroshima. As we all know from our history books, America dropped nuclear bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima during World War II. It is said that as dawn breaks you can hear spirits screaming and crying for help. To make this that more terrifying, Hiroshima was bombed at 8:16 am. Could it be the lost souls of those who were killed by the bombing?nag2

The last location on this list is the Royal Hotel, Okinawa. This may be the last on the list, but it is by far the most intriguing of them all. A businessman decided to build a resort on the Okinawa Island in the 1970’s on what islanders consider sacred ground. Monks warned the construction crew that they were building too closely to a cave inhabited by spirits. This caused a few workers to leave. The rest left after several workers died under mysterious circumstances. It was reported later that the man behind the ambitious resort project had gone insane and was checked into an asylum.dsc_0643


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