Religion in japan

Yesterday I posted about haunting in Japan. Today I am going to talk about the religions of Japan. I want to show how spiritual the people of Japan are. Japan has two major religions although there are five religions and philosophies observed. I say philosophies because; while Japan is very tolerant of religious beliefs they have a lack of understanding of them.

To this end they provide what they do know for travelers to Japan. In Japan over 83% of it’s people identify as Shinto. Almost 72 % of the people identify as Buddhist. The reason these two alone go over 100% is due to the fact that many Japanese practice Shinto an Buddhism. Christianity only takes up 2% of the people of Japan. The Muslim faith and all other religious beliefs combined at at 7% of the people. You can read more here:

Shinto – Is the indigenous belief of the Japanese people and is said to be as old as Japan itself. There are no religious scriptures or preaching’s with Shinto. The Shinto Gods or (kami) are considered to be sacred spirits that can take the form of items or ideas that are important to life.

Buddhism – Originally from India, Buddhism was introduced to Japan in the 6th century. The religion is the teachings of several Gods. These gods include Buddha, Gautama, and Siddhartha. There was a time in Japanese history that Buddhism and Shinto did not coexist well.

Christianity – It was in 1542 that a traveler from Portugal first came to Japan. It was in 1550 that Christianity could be openly practiced. That however, did not last long. In just forty or so years an edict banning Christian missionaries was enacted. The Christians were colonizing the Philippines and converting its people to Christianity. A little side note: It was the Christians who first came to Japan that introduced the Japanese to gun powder.

Basics for Muslim Travelers – Only a small percentage of Japanese are Muslim. That being said, the amount of travelers to Japan that is Muslim has increased over the years. To this end, the Japanese government has taken great steps to help improve things for their Muslim tourists.


All of my information for religion in Japan has come from


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