Anime Soundtracks

I have written a couple posts on Japanese Pop music and Rock music. One subject I never tackled was the soundtracks of Anime Music. I think we all at some point have taken the music from our favorite animes for granted. We fast-forward through the opening and ending credits. What would it hurt to take a few minutes and listen to the music?

You might just find the next big thing in JPop or JRock. Let’s take an older anime for example. Who remembers the anime Bleach? It’s still an amazing anime even though it is thirteen years removed from their first episode. In Bleaches tenth opening theme, Scandal performed Shojo S. Scandal is just one example of what is out there to find. If I had taken the time to listen to the music in Bleach back then I would have known about Scandal long ago.

I for one will be going back over my anime collection and looking into the music artists who performed in them. In the future I will be sure to never skip the opening or closing themes. For a little bonus reason to never skip the music in the anime; I have included a little something I had found about Scandal.


2 thoughts on “Anime Soundtracks

  1. Oh boy, you could really do it over the moon writing about AKB0048, anime with songs from no other than AKB48!

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  2. That’s not a bad idea. Maybe for a followup piece. If I do I’ll be sure to give you credit for the idea 🙂


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