Hobby vs. Obsession

I’m sure all of you out there have an anime collection, but how big is it? Does it seem like it’s getting out of control? I have a modest collection. It takes up a full book shelves. My manga collection is the same way. I would be easy for me to go overboard and buy everything I want. I’m not rich; I just know how to take advantage of anime sales. I know how easy it can be to get out of control when it is something you like.

As a kid, I collected baseball cards, comic books, and video games. It all got a little out of hand. I was buying used games because; I could get more of them. No other reason. I learned then that quality was better than quantity. Today I have found a way to get the anime I want while not driving myself into bankruptcy. You would be surprised how quick a hobby can turn into an obsession.

What I do is to wait until around Christmas. May online stores will have big sales around that time. I know it means having to wait until the end of the year for me to get anything new, but it is always worth it. I combine the sales with other discounts I get from memberships or coupons. One year I spent $300 on anime. I saved up a little by little over the year. I ended up walking away with anime worth a lot more than the $300 I spent.

Doing this helps keep my hobby a hobby. I’m not telling you to only buy anime once a year. That’s just what works for me. You need to find out what works for you. Find a happy medium that allows you to purchase the anime you want without it taking over your life. Live to enjoy your hobby and don’t let it obsess you.


10 thoughts on “Hobby vs. Obsession

  1. Yup, finding the best way to tend to your hobby is key. For me, a lot of my purchases are when sales are on, or I see something used. There are some exceptions where I pre-order, but not many these days.


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