Out of Print Manga

We all have that one series we never finished. We always thought I’ll just pick it up later. Well we never did and now it is out of print. What are we to do now? Look for a second hand book? Just pick it up at the library? Good luck with either of those. The chances are a second hand book store won’t even have manga. The library might have it but, it might also be all torn up. I’ve seen this. It does happen.

What we need is a place we can go to get out of print manga. Well you are all in luck. I found a few places that sell them. The list consists of out of print and used books. You may not find the ones you are looking for. You will at least have a place you can keep an eye on for it. As you can see the list is not long. This is what I could find that had a good listing of old manga.






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