I have spoken of Funimation in a few of my previous posts. I watch a lot of Funimation. I always talk about what I am watching, upcoming shows, etc. So I wanted to do a quick post about Funimation and what they offer. This is in no way a plug for Funimation and I am not being paid to do this. I just really enjoy the shows they stream and wanted to post about it.

As I have mentioned in previous posts Funimation has a lot of English dubbed anime. That catalog of dubbed anime keeps growing. Funimation is constantly adding new shows to their Simuldubs list. The Simuldubs anime consists of one hundred and eighty (180) anime. That is a massive amount to be able to watch. This is just the tip of a much bigger list.

Including the Simuldubs anime, the list of English dubbed anime is a staggering four hundred and twenty five (425) anime series and movies. To think I haven’t even mentioned the list of anime only in Japanese with English sub titles. We are talking pages in the teens of shows you can watch subbed in English with the original audio.

Oh Did I forget to mention the Live Action? There are twenty four live action shows on Funimation. Some of these shows have been dubbed in English. Either way they are a must watch. Two of the shows I know everyone will want to see that are on the live action list are prison School and Space Battleship Yamato. I’m sure by now some of you are wondering what this cost per month?

Well it isn’t Netflix. Netflix cost between eight dollars ($8 USD) to twelve dollars ($12 USD) depending of level of service. Funimation on the other hand, cost a whopping five dollars and ninety nine cents $5.99 USD) per month. Well worth the cost for what you get. I can stream it on any device I want. They even offer an app that can be downloaded. So go check them out for yourself. They offer a lot for a small amount.


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