Things you may not know about Japan

I’m attending a conference so my time for blogging is short today. I wanted to do something quick that would still be fun and entertaining. I put together a list of facts you may not know about Japan. For instance, Japan has over fifteen hundred earthquakes every year. Another amazing fact that will surprise you is that Japan has fifty thousand plus people who are over one hundred years old. I’m just trying to make it to forty.  So here is your list of things you may not know about Japan.

The oldest company in the world shut down in 2006. It first opened in 578 AD in Japan.

Japan is made up of 6800 islands

You like watermelons? Japan grows square ones.

In Japan the birth rate is very low. Diapers for adults sell more than for kids.

A Japanese survivor of the titanic was called a coward for not dying with the others.

Traveling in Japan? Need something you forgot? Chances are you will find it in a vending machine in Japan. They have over 5 and a half million of them.

Japan and Russia have yet to sign a peace treaty after WW II

There is a highway that passes through a building.

In the spring Japanese old a festival called Shinto Kanamaru Matsuri. In English that translates to Festival of the steel phallus

The world’s first novel as written in Japan in the 11th century

Forget the turkey; KFC is the choice for the Japanese on Christmas Eve.

The last and my favorite on this list; Godzilla has been declared a citizen of Japan.


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