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I’m still getting over this bug I picked up so this post will not be all that long. I just want to touch briefly on a few shows I have been watching on Funimation. All of them are brand new shows that have just started airing on Simuldubs. There are three shows I am going to talk about: A Sister’s all you need, Black Clover, and The Ancient Magus’ Bride.

First up is A Sister’s all you need. There is only one episode up right now so not a lot I can tell you. What I can say about it is that I hope you like perverted comedies. Our main protagonist Itsuki Hashima has a major (perverted) little sister complex. He has a fan girl turned novel writer that is a complete pervert and want’s Itsuki in the worst way. He does have some stability in the way of an older sister like classmate and a little stepbrother.


The second one I am going to talk about is The Ancient magus’ Bride. It has a really sad start to it. Chise Hatori one of our main protagonists is being sold at an auction. This changes when Elias, our other protagonist, shows up. With only one episode I don’t have a lot I can say about this one. It is definitely a slice of life series with some fantasy tossed in. Well worth the watch.


The last and to be honest, probably my favorite out of the three is Black Clover. It has two episodes available to watch. It starts off with our two main protagonists Asta and Yuno are dropped at a church ran orphanage when they are just babies. It skips ahead 15 years to show Yuno with great magical powers; and Asta with zero magical abilities. Which is bad for Asta considering everyone can use magic. The first two episodes were filled with some comedic points and a lot of action. Trust me, after the first episode you will be hooked.



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