I once spoke of out of print manga. I mentioned a few locations that you could go to pick up old copies. One thing I never mentioned is the option of Omnibus. An Omnibus for those who don’t know is a collection of novels or other published media. In our case we are referring to sever volumes of manga. Omnibuses are a great way to pick up several volumes of a manga you are missing without breaking your wallet.

Saving money is not the only benefit to buying an omnibus manga. How many times have you been relaxing in bed reading your favorite manga only to get to a good part and run out of book? Unless you have the next volume you are going to have to wat until you picked the next one up. With the omnibus manga you can keep reading. Sure this can still happen even with the omnibus but, it takes longer for it to happen.

I know some of you are wondering about the collection you have already started of a manga series. You want to be able to complete the series with single volumes. Well you still can do this. It may just take a lot longer and you may not find them. I guess you will need to determine what is more important. Is it the collection or the story? My take on it is this. I would rather enjoy the series then have a matching set.


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