Winter in Japan

Winter is almost upon us here in the states. Since Japan and the USA are both in the Northern Hemisphere winter will soon fall on Japan as well. I have always wondered what winter in Japan looked like. Is it anything like it is here? Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s the same as far as cold, wet, and snowy winters go. I’m referring more to how the country looks in the winter. Living in the states we know what our country looks like covered in snow. The mountains look beautiful covered in snow, the trees swaying causing a small snow storm as they drop snow from their branches. Fields covered in snow as wildlife tracks through it.

It certainly is a beautiful sight to behold. Even our small towns with their plowed streets have a bit of a magical look to them in winter. How do you imagine Japan looks in the winter with their temples, old buildings, and traditions? The best way to find out is to travel to Japan and experience it firsthand. Well for those of us who can’t afford to go at the moment I have put together a group of pictures showcasing winter in Japan. Get ready for a magical look at Japan.

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