The Japanese Population

I wasn’t sure about doing this post at first. I didn’t think it really fit into any of the aspects that I set out to cover with this blog. Then I realized that the culture of Japan played a big role in the Japanese population.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, this post is about the declining population of the Japanese people.

The birth rate in Japan has been dropping over the last few years. Last year there were fewer than one million births. Some believe this has to do with the decline in jobs in Japan. The young believe they need to work harder and find those jobs. Once they have them they are forcing themselves to work a lot of hours in fear of losing that job.

In Japan like many other countries, it is still believed that the man is the bread winner.  This belief is also being blamed for the decline in birth rates. More and more young people are deciding to put their career before having a family. With the declining birth rate and the aging population, Japan is heading for a work force shortage.


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