Washoku (Japanese Cuisine)

I’ve done a lot of articles on anime, manga’s, J-pop\J-Rock, and Japanese customs. One think I never looked into before was Japanese food. Maybe that’s because I don’t get to eat it very often. In fact I believe the last time I eat Japanese food was over five years ago. The food was great and I got one of the Japanese sodas to take home. Figuring out that marble was fun. I still have the bottle someplace.

Anyway, there is a verity of places to eat in Japan. They have themed cafés and restaurants. I know you have all seen a maid café in your anime shows. Well in Japan they really have them. Japan also boasts a lot of mobile food stands, old ryotei, and even places that have been erected for the holidays. Many specialize in certain types of food such as ramen, or curry dishes.

The typical Japanese meal consists of a bowl of rice (the staple of the meal), miso soup, vegetables, and meat. It should be no surprise that a lot of seafood is eaten in Japan. They are an island nation after all. The Japanese eat a lot of fish, eel, squid, shellfish, and octopus. One of the biggest dishes eaten in Japan is sushi. As we all know sushi is raw fish with rice and vegetables. While rice is a big staple in every meal, noodles are used quite a bit. There are several types of noodles used. These noodles fall into two groups, udon and soba.

Below you will find four food guides for Japan. I picked out the cities where I thought travelers would go to the most. The food guides give ideas as to where to eat, and what to have. Give them a read and remember to use them if you ever get a chance to travel to Japan.

Tokyo Food Guide

Osaka Food Guide

Kyoto Food Guide

Hokkaido Food Guide






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  1. Japanese food is just amazing! So many options and some are strange but interesting 😊

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