Ramune – Japanese Soda

This might seem like an unusual topic to cover but, I think you will like it. There are a lot of differences in Japanese sodas and American Sodas. While products like Pepsi and Coke and drunk in Japan they have their own line of sodas called Ramune. Let’s start with the similarities. The packaging for soda is the same. We both use plastic, metal cans, and glass bottles. The biggest difference in the packaging is the glass bottle. The glass bottle is called a codd-neck. It was invented by Hiram Codd and introduced to Japan in the 1800’s.

The glass bottle was originally used for lemonade. The bottle has a marble in the neck. It is used to seal the bottle. To open the Ramune you have to peal the cap off. You then turn it upside down and place it back on the bottle. You then press firmly until the marble drops and you hear the carbon fizzing out. Once it is open the carbon will force the marble up and keep the soda sealed.

Another difference is the flavor of the sodas. In Japan they have a much different take then we do. Here in the US we have cola, root beer, Dr. Pepper, etc. In Japan they have flavors more exotic then ours. They have bubble gum, wasabi, curry, and many others. Outside of these flavors Japanese sodas also come in a variety of fruit flavors. You can pick up Ramune here in the states, but it will have to be online. Below you will find a few sites you can buy them from.





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