Review – Live Action Space Battle Yamato

I know I am late to the game when it comes to the live action movie Space Battle Yamato. However, for those of you who have not seen it yet I think you will enjoy this quick review. Let’s start with the visuals. I really didn’t know what to expect for visuals after being spoiled by Hollywood for so long. I was pleasantly surprised. When the main gun of the Yamato was getting ready to fire I was expecting to see a flash and then explosion of the target. What I got was a solid effect of a laser beam firing off. I think it was then that I was hooked on the visuals.

I had an option to watch the movie in English bud. I however opted to watch it in Japanese with English subtitles. That’s something I don’t normally do. Not a big fan of reading subtitles. I always feel like I’m going to miss something. I’m really glad I did watch it in Japanese with English subtitles. There were parts that I think would have been ruined if I had watched it in English. I was also surprised to hear so many English words spoken. The dialog in the movie was great. The actors and actresses did an amazing job delivering their lines, definitely on par with a Hollywood blockbuster.

I believe a proper thank you is needed for those who provided the English translation for this movie. The subtitles were fantastic. Not once did I have any trouble following along with the movie. The speed of which the subtitles came up provided me, a slow reader, to be able to read them without missing any of it. If you haven’t seen this movie or haven’t seen it with subtitles I highly recommend watching it. Look for it on your favorite streaming site. If they don’t have it then, check out Funimation. That’s where I watched it.


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