Anime Genres

I started this post off by researching how many genres are in anime. I was expecting around a dozen genres. What I found instead was that anime had a massive list consisting of over 40 Genres. When I saw this I knew I had my work cut out for me. Rather than try and post about all forty genres I am going to pick a few of them and write about them.

The first up is the Shoujo. I know Shoujo is a demographic. However, it is also a genre in Anime. The Shoujo genre targets the female audience between the ages of ten and eighteen years of age. This genre focuses mostly romance anime and at times comedy. An example of a show that falls into this genre is Sailor Moon.

One of my favorite genres in anime is parody. A parody anime is an anime that references other anime throughout the series. Many times it will be a running gag, object, or symbol from another show.  Gintama is a good example of an anime in this genre. Of course you can’t have a post about anime genres without mentioning the genre Mecha.

The Mecha genre as you all know will always have a mechanical suit or robot in them.  Many times anime in this genre are part of other genres such as military and action. One great example of this genre is the classic Robotec. You can find the rest of the genres here.


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