JPOP\JRock Artists

Going back over my blog posts I have done five posts on Japanese music. What I found is that I have never written an article about the artists outside of Scandal and AKB48.  I sat for a couple hours and watched music videos and live performances of various bands. I found some really good solo artists and bands. I also however, found some who I felt was so bad I couldn’t finish the videos. I won’t say who they are. I don’t want to slander someone just because I don’t care for their music. They all have large fan basses and are talented in their own right.

The first up is Yui. She has an amazing voice and her music is great. Not only is she a talented musician she is also an actress.  You can hear her music here.

The next up is the Band BABYMETAL. As the name implies they are a heavy metal idol band. I’m not into Heavy Metal but, this band sounds really good.  You can check out their music here.

Next up is KAT-TUN. KAT-TUN is a boy band. The videos are good. They put on a great show. Think N-Sync.  You can check them out here.

TVXQ is the next one up on the list. I get a real 90’s boy band vibe from them. They harmonize fantastically. The first video I watched I believe was called Order. (Had to get it translated.) Ypou can check out their music here.

I couldn’t do this list without mentioning Stereopony. Next to Scandal they are my favorite band. Unfortunately, they disbanded in 2012. Like Scandal they are an all-girl band. You can still listen to their music. Of you get a chance, go check out their video for Hitohira No Hanabira on YouTube.  You can listen to them here.

This next one is a little different. Ringo Sheena from what I can tell does not sing J-POP or J-Rock. She seems more contemporary compared to others on this list. I decided to add her since her music was so good. You can listen to her music here.


There are so many more I would like to list here. However, if I did that I think you all would stop reading. If you want to find out who some other artists are, you can do a google search for j pop artists. You will get a rather large list with pictures across the top. To finish this post off here is the video for Scandal’s Koisuru Universe.


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