I have wanted to write this post for a while. I have always wondered about the history of Japan. When and how did it get its start? We all know the United States was founded on July 4th 1776. It’s the biggest holiday here in the United States. That being said, the US is just a child compared to Japan. Legend surrounding the formation of Japan places its founding around 660BC.

However, many archaeologists believe the Japanese island is around 100,000 years old. The earliest period to have been studied is 8000 to 300 BC. That falls into the Jomon Period. The Japanese people of this period were hunter gathers. They had not yet formed city states or laws. Agriculture did not begin in Japan until the Yayoi period 300BC to 3rd century AD.

Japan unified under the Yamato clan around 300 – 710. This would have been the Kofun period in Japan. It was after 710 that japan first obtained a constitution. Here is the link to the page I got my information for this post from. There is a lot more that can be learned of Japan and I encourage you all to go have a read.



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