Higanjima: Escape from Vampire Island – Review

After the last live action movie I thought I would give another movie a try. This time around I choose the movie Higanjima. Higanjima Escape from Vampire Island gave me the feel of a Hollywood B Movie. The acting was ok at best. I thought the delivery of the lines from the actors were well, over delivered. Too much emphasis was put on their actions when delivering their lines in the slow scenes. Their action scenes were a much different story. When it came to the fighting scenes they were perfectly choreographed.

The audio quality was really good. Keep in mind I am not referring to the actor’s lines. I am referring to the sound of the movie. From beginning to the end Higanjima keep a perfect tempo. When the action takes off and the music raises the voice audio rises as well. At no point in the movie does the music ever over shadow the voice. The subtitles ran smoothly under the scenes leaving plenty of time to watch and enjoy the movie.

The visuals of the show were where this movie truly showed its B movie magic. The special effects in the show looked like they were made in a low budget college classroom production. The vampires were your classic fanged variety. The one oddball in vamp came in the form of an old woman who would transform into a flying vampire with a much younger complexion. Oh they could also be out in the sun without bursting into flames. There was one monster on the island and it looked like it was put together using putty and rubber. Over all I did enjoy this movie. Albeit I have always enjoyed Hollywood B movies so it figures I would enjoy this one.


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