Samurai swords

I did a post a little while ago about Samurai’s. In that post I gave a short history of the Samurai. As a companion piece I thought doing a post of the weapon of choice would be a good idea. That weapon of course is the Samurai Sword. The Samurai sword is known today as a Katana and unlike many other words, it has only one edge. That is to say, it only has one sharp side.

The word Katana was first used during 1185–1333 known as the Kamakura Period of Japan. Before this period the Samurai sword used was known as the tachi. The Samurai sword stretches back to the Jōkotō period. The Jōkotō period is recorded to be around 900 CE and earlier. Historians call the swords of this period ancient sword.

There are many other periods that Samurai swords were used in. Each period had a different style of samurai sword. The one we know of today became popular with Samurai when the dynamics of hand to hand combat started to change. The Samurai liked the fast draw of the katana and the benefits it provided in combat. If you want to learn more about the history follow the links below.


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