Marriage in Japan

Japan has a unique problem. Their younger generation does not want to get married. Before you get worked up you should know they have a really good reason for it. Many Japanese men don’t want to get married since they cannot afford to support a family. You see the pay rate for Japanese workers is not that good right now. Due to this men have put off getting married until they feel they are financially stable and can afford a family. This has caused another issue I have spoken about before, the declining birthrate.

One company has found an unorthodox way to resolve the marriage issue. Although to be fair, as one article I read on the subject said, it may just be a way to advertise their business. You see the company in question is called Gatebox. What they did was offer marriage certificates to perspective employees. The catch is that these marriage certificates are to 2D women. Yep, you read that right. With the marriage license also comes a 45 dollar a month extra pay to help “support” your 2D wife, and an extra day off each year.

This however does not stop with 2D women. They also offer marriage license for 3D women. The race of women is also open. According to the license, your wife can be elves, science fiction characters, and other forms of non-human beings. It is certainly an unorthodox means of gaining employees. I know the two topics in this post do not given the topics; however it does give two sides of the marriage crises in Japan.


Image credit belongs to Gatebox Lab


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