I have noticed recently that my posts are not doing as well as I would have hoped. The last three blog posts I put up have had a combined two views at the time of this writing. My goal is to provide you all with content you will find enjoyable. If I am not providing that then I need to adjust what I write about. I want to hear from you all.

How can I improve my blog posts to make it more enjoyable for you all? Among the topics I cover what do you want to read about? I cover Japanese Pop and Rock music, anime, manga, and the culture of Japan. Among these topics what do you all care about the most? What do you want to read about? I truly want to hear from you all. What can I do to make this blog more enjoyable for you? I look forward to hearing your responses.


4 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Honestly I still believe that it is entirely up to you. You can aim to please the audience or let this be a personal space of rambles. One advice I can give to anyone to almost anything they do in life is to start small.

    Would you like your blog to be more personal? Because I’ll be frank; your blog feels like a library of little-less-than-common knowledge.
    Either way you chose—personal type of blog or not—you’ll be greeted by an audience niche.

    Taking my blog for example — it is a personal blog to do with my experience on all things Otaku.

    I hope thus is helpful enough!

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  2. Shokamoka,

    Thank you for the feedback. This does help me out a lot. To be honest the line “library of little-less-than-common knowledge” hurt. However, it has helped me realize that I could be putting more into my blog. This isn’t a place for my random thoughts, but a place I can talk about Japanese related topics. I’ll take what you said to heart and work on creating better content.


    1. If it makes you feel any better, I worded it wrong, probably.
      What I really meant is how your feature some knowledgeable stuff that are considered uncommon. They are rare stuff—good stuff like Easter Eggs kind of thing for curious heads.

      Though I’ll hurt you with this one suggestion:
      If you plan on brining out such valuable information, present it in a way that even you can go WOW when you read your own posts. I mean we already have Wikipedia yo!

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      1. No worries, if my feelings get hurt that just means I found something I need to work on. I like the suggestion on presenting my information with more of a WOW factor. I’ll be sure to work on that.


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