Schools in Japan

When we think of schools we see a building full of students walking from one class to the next trying their best not to miss that all important bell that rings in the start of the next class. Or we see the kids who just don’t care. They walk in after the bell, or skip class all together. Some see it as a rite of passage to skip a class and go hang out. I’ve even done it a few times in my high school life. That’s not something you will see in a Japanese school.

Students in the Japanese school system never skip a class. They don’t even arrive late to their next class. To be fair, arriving late to the next class is kind of impossible. You see, Japanese students only go to one classroom. It is the teacher who moves from class to class after each period. Japanese students never arrive late to school either. You see students in Japan have a feeling of belonging. When in school Japanese students feel less like an outsider than they do any other time. This has been contributed to the way things are done in school.

The Japanese try to build comradery among their students. You see, the Japanese schools do not have cafeterias like schools in America do. In Japan the students put on white gloves, head covers, and aprons and serve their fellow students lunch in the classroom. By doing this the Japanese are teaching their students about work ethics and to show humility in oneself. As for eating in the classroom, this is something that even the teachers get involved with. They eat the same lunch as the students do right there in the classroom with them.

This isn’t the biggest difference in Japanese schools and ours. The biggest difference is in who cleans the schools. Here in the US we have janitors that do all the cleaning in the school. In a Japanese school it is the students and faculty who clean the school. Each person is given an assigned area to clean. In the classrooms, students take turns in cleaning it. It’s no wonder schools in Japan have a better education record than schools in the US.


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