Cash Japan

It seems that every day America is becoming a cashless system more and more. Meanwhile Japan has remained a cash system. If traveling to Japan, be sure to take plenty of cash with you. You will not find many locations if any at all that take credit card. In fact one of the only times you will see anyone using their debit card is if they are taking money from an ATM.

Due to the cash oriented system the Japanese people walk around with large amounts of money in their pockets. When they get paid it is usually in the form of cash or by bank transfer to their savings account. Checking accounts are not the norm in Japan. When paying bills many Japanese use bank transfers, post offices, and convenience stores. This does come at a cost. There is usually a service charge of five hundred and sixty five yen. That would be five dollars usd.

Here in the US families tend to manage the finances together. However, in Japan it is usually the wife that handles the money. The husband would get an allowance at each payday and it is expected to last him all month. It may seem a little different to us, but it works for the Japanese people. It seems like an interesting concept and I for one know I would spend way less if I had cash on me. It seems like it is way too easy to swipe a card without thinking about the money.


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