Sports in Japan

You might be wondering what kind of sports they have in Japan. Would it surprise you to learn that the sports in Japan are mostly the same as the rest of the world? Pro wrestling was introduced to Japan early in the twentieth century, but did not catch on until 1951. Boxing has been a major sport in Japan since 1854. The Japanese boxers don’t normally fight outside of Japan and the Japanese championships are not recognized around the world. It should come to no surprise that golf is also played in Japan. Golf is one of those sports that transcend cultures around the world.

Auto racing has even found a home in Japan. In the 1920’s auto racing came to Japan. However, it wasn’t until 1936 that it became a permanent fixture in Japan when a permanent track was built. Probably the biggest sport in Japan is Baseball. Baseball is widely considered to be America’s favorite pastime. In Japan it is jokingly recognized as a national sport even though Japan does not recognize any sport as a national sport.

Two of the more traditional sports of Japan are Sumo and Judo. Judo was first created in 1882 by Kano Jigoro. Judo translates in English as the gentle way. Judo consists of three techniques known as throwing, striking, and grappling. In a way it sounds like pro wrestling. Judo is an Olympic sport and it is highly contested as such. The first Judo school was called Kodokan and was run by Kano Jigoro.

I have written about Sumo wrestling before. Sumo originated in the ancient times and was meant to entertain Shinto deities. The rules to Sumo wrestling are by far the most simple of those I have spoken about. All that is required is to knock your opponent out of the circle. There are no weight limits. This means at any given time a sumo wrestler could find himself against someone who is much bigger than he is. For this reason, sumo wrestlers tend to gain weight so they can be more competitive.

As I said earlier, Japanese sports are not much different than anyone else’s. They do have a few sports like Judo and Sumo that are unique to Japan. If you are interested in knowing more about Judo or Sumo wrestling I have put links below.


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