Dragon Ball Super – Review

Dragon Ball Super takes place after Dragon Ball Z and before Dragon Ball GT. From what I have seen of the series so far it seems to have completely overwritten the events of Dragon Ball GT. In Dragon Ball Super there has been a relative peace since Majin Buu was defeated. Goku, because Chi-Chi said so, has gotten a job. He works on the family farm driving a tractor. It is as comical as it sounds. What’s not comical about the series so far is what they did to Gohan.

Gohan our lovable powerhouse that defeated Cell in Dragon Ball Z becomes a dad. That’s the good part. We get to see Pan as an infant. The not so good part is that Gohan did not keep up with his training. He can barely go Super Saiyan. I always thought Gohan would become the next hero in a new series. Now we have one and he is weaker than ever. Well even with this Dragon Ball Super is beyond anything we have seen before with this franchise.

I watched Dragon Ball Super in English dub. The voice actors did an amazing job with the characters. I do have to say it was strange listening to Balma knowing the voice actress had recently passed away. I also noticed the language seems to be more adult. If memory serves, the language in Dragon Ball Z was more children friendly. Besides the “bad language” the rest of the script was really good. The audio wasn’t the only bright spot. The music score was perfectly fitted with each scene. At no point did the music get louder than the speaking. It was truly a perfect score of audio.

There were some cut scenes from Dragon Ball Z and you could tell they tried to improve the video quality. I believe they had to do this to try and match the quality of the video in Dragon Ball Super. Watching it in 1080p resolution gave the show a crisp look. The detail work put into the smallest parts was fantastic. While watching a fight scene I started to feel like I was watching a movie with a large budget for CGI.  Dragon Ball Super is a much watch for anyone who has watched Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z.


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