Overworking in Japan

Everyone loves a little overtime. The extra money is always a great incentive to work those extra hours. In Japan where the rate of pay is low and the cost of living in very high; people work extreme hours. The Japanese work so many hours in fact that the Japanese die at an unusual rate. The Japanese even have a name for it. They call it karoshi and it has become a very big problem. Some workers have been known to commit suicide from the stress of working so much. They feel they have no choice, but to work. It is so ingrained in their society.

Two companies are looking to change all that. Telecom giant NTT and a security firm called Taisei have come up with a way to help resolve the overworking problem in Japanese businesses. The idea is to fly drones around the office on a pre-determined path. While flying they will play Auld Lang Syne, the same music that is played in malls when they are closing. This is not the only thing that is done to fight overworking.

The drones will also be taking pictures so employers will know who is continuing to work when they should have gone home. Many scholars believe this will not solve the issue. They feel that more needs to be done to solve the underlining issue. Below is the link I used for this post. Go give it a read for more.




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