Tokyo, Japan

What do you know about Tokyo? I thought I would put together a few facts about Tokyo. If you ever travel to Japan these facts could come in handy or server as ideas for places to visit. Look through them and let me know which ones is your favorite.

Let’s start this out with Tokyo.  Tokyo was founded in 3000bc. At the time it was known as Edo. Edo was a small fishing village. Today Tokyo has more than 30 million people living in it. It has come a long way since that small fishing village.

Despite how big Tokyo is and the amount of people that live there, English is not spoken much. If you travel to Tokyo be sure to know a little Japanese to be able to order food and other products.

In Tokyo there is a district called Ryogoko. Ryogoko is famous for fat guys. You see Ryogoko is the home of the Ryogoko Sumo hall. Sumo wrestlers are highly respected.

Mount Fuji is the reason most people go to Japan. They want to see that Iconic view of the snow caped mountain. If you want to see it in Tokyo you better plan ahead. The view to Mount Fuji is only available for 80 days out of the year.

Tokyo despite how many people are there is one of the safest places on the planet. Attacks on tourists are the lowest anywhere.

The last on my list is the Komagata Dozeu restaurant. The Komagata Dozeu restaurant has been in the same location and ran by one family for six generations. It has survived natural disasters and war.

Tokyo, Japan is one of those places that you could go and spend a week just exploring. Then as you get ready to leave you discover a magnitude of things to go back for. I hope someday I get the chance to go to Tokyo so I can discover my own reasons for going back.


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