Red Crowned Crane

Endangered species have a way of surprising us. The gray wolf completely changed the Yellowstone national park. The grey wolf had gone completely extinct in Yellowstone. The wolf was reintroduced to Yellowstone and over the years since, the entire landscape has changed. The wolves hunted the deer that ate the trees. The trees were able to grow so beavers reentered the area and built dams in the rivers. This caused the rivers to divert their course thus changing the landscape. All of this was done by introducing grew wolves back into Yellowstone.

I told you about that so you would better understand the Red Crowned Crane and what they have been though. You see by late nineteen twenties there were only twenty red crowned cranes left in the world. In the eighteen hundreds the crane was hunted for their feathers. Oddly enough, it was due to World War two that the red crowned cranes were able to start recovering. In that time the birds were not hunted. They were able to recover to thirty five birds. Not much at the time, but it caused people to take notice.

People started working to recover the red crowned crane population in the nineteen fifties. In the fifties people started provisioning food for the cranes. This food was to help the cranes get through the Japanese winters. The people’s actions helped tremendously. The red crowned crane recovered to more than one hundred and fifty nine birds by the end on the nineteen fifties. After thirty years the crane had done something that changed the area forever much like the grey wolfs. The red crowned cranes surged from one hundred and fifty birds to well over four hundred. They didn’t end there. Today there are more than seventeen hundred birds.

The Red Crown Crane is a massive bird. It stands as tall as a human and has a wing span of seven foot to eight foot. The male of the species can get up to thirty six pounds. The female of the species is a little smaller. The crane is a symbol in Japan known as Tancho. In Japanese mythology the red crowned crane has a life span of one thousand years. To learn more about the red crowned crane you can follow the links below.


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