Hey look I’m back!

There has been a lot going on since my last post. I felt like I was being pulled in all directions. My daily work life has been keeping me busier then normal. I have been talking to publishers who are interested in publishing my two novella’s, but I got the impression they were more interested in making money from me than helping me. some personal stuff has came up also. Wont go into that here. I also had a falling out with a group I was in. I was part of an organization that investigated UFO sightings. I wont say who this organization was so don’t ask.  I felt like something had to give and I made the choice to not return to blogging after Christmas.

At the time I felt this was the best choice. I was investigating old claims of UFO sightings for a book I wanted to write at the time and with everything else I mentioned above, I felt the need for a break. since then I have refocused myself on more important things like taking care of myself and not going in all directions. I know what your thinking.. This blog is about all things Otaku and has nothing to do with UFO’s. I just wanted you to know what was going on and why I haven’t blogged in a log while.

Well that is going to change now. I wont be blogging every day like I was before. I will be blogging one a week on Friday. On occasion I may blog something extra. The theme will not change. i will continue blogging about Anime, manga, J-pop\rock, Japan, and Japanese customs. I may ever through in a few blogs about games based on Anime or were just created in Japan. Anyway, stay tuned for future blogs. I’m really happy to be back doing this and thankful for all of you who stuck around.


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