Changes to Format

Since my last post in April proclaiming I was back I took time to go over my past blog posts to see how I could improve. To be honest I stopped blogging simply because it stopped being fun. It felt more like a chore than something I wanted to do. i found myself looking for things to blog about rather then be excited to be blogging about the subject. I realized the best way for me to improve my blog was to just blog about whatever I wanted.

I have so many interests so I decided to just blog about anything. This will be a blog of random things that I’m sure don’t go together. So sit back and enjoy my randomness. My next blog will be a touch of the norm for what I have posted in the past, but going further you will see posts not only on the Anime front, but on history, technology, aliens, ghosts, books, crypto currency, and a bunch of other topics. After all Otaku, according to ,  means someone who is obsessed with computers or pop culture. Well I’m “obsessed” with a lot more than just Anime and Japanese culture. I hope you all stick around and enjoy my posts.


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