Scandal United States Tour

I have blogged several times about the Japanese all women band Scandal. I am a huge fan. Well they recently released a new album called Honey. I pre-ordered it and when it came in I couldn’t stop listening to it the entire day. Now Scandal is bringing their music to the U.S once again. On September 5th 2018 Scandal will be at the PlayStation Theater in New York, New York. Tickets are still on sale the last time I checked. You can find tickets to this event here.

On September 7th only two days after the concert in New York; Scandal will be at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, CA. Not much of a chance for them to tour New York is it. Hope they come in early to sight see. Anyway, you can pick up tickets here if there are any left.

After this concert it looks like maybe they are taking a break. Who knows? On September 16th Scandal will be performing at the Bomb Factory in Dallas, TX.  For these tickets you will have to go to the Bomb Factory website here.

I unfortunately will not be able to go to the concert in New York even though it is only a few hours’ drive to get there. Figures though, they finally come back to the US and are on the East coast and I can’t go. So if you can go, go and enjoy the music. I’ll be crying into my sake while listening to my Honey CD. Find the links below to their Official pages. If you have never heard of them before I suggest you have a listen. I’ll include a link to a You Tube video.


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