When I started blogging again last week I said there would be some changes to the blog. This is one of them. This post is all about cryptocurrency. I have been mining a cryptocurrency called Ethereum. It is the second hottest coin right behind bitcoin. It has gone up and down, currently at the time of writing this it is sliding, unfortunately. Ethereum or ether as some call it, is not the only crypto currency I am mining at the moment. I recently found a small coin that has yet to go public. It is called JSECoin. This coin is mined by using your web browser, and or adding code to your header of your site. I only mine using a browser.

To be honest I didn’t know what to think of it at first. Would it really be worth it? After a week of mining, I had 109 JSECoins. I was doing better than I was with mining Ether. Well, not really given ether is more valuable. That being said, I was doing better in the since JSE is currently valued at 1 coin to 1 us dollar. I had made 109 dollars in just a week with my ether rig while I worked and it continued to mine Ethereum without me.  Since then my total has risen to 165 JSECoins. Not bad for less than two weeks. When I signed up I got .12 JSECoin just for signing up. Here is the best part, I can refer others to the site using a referral code and I would get JSECoin for doing it. (Shameful self-promotion part) My referral link is below. Go have a look and sign up. …

I would be remiss if I did not mention a Japanese currency in this post. Billed as the first Japanese crypto currency; since bitcoin creator has not been verified as being Japanese; is Monacoin. Monacoin was created in December of 2013. The creator of Monacoin goes by the name Mr. Watanabe. Though, like the creator of bitcoin, no one really knows who it is. You can read up on Monacoin on the Forbs article I got my information from. This article was written by Jake Adelstein.


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