History of the World

What do you about our world history? History is the written word of the past. What happened, when it happened, and who it happened to? Let’s take the discovery of America. For a very long time we contributed the discovery of America to Christopher Columbus. I remember reading all about it and taking tests on the material in school. Since then, new evidence has come to light. Evidence that some don’t want to hear. They are stuck in the past and cannot accept change. The new evidence pointed first to the Chinese and then to the Vikings. There is even proof that the Templar Knights came to the Americas first. This is but, one example of us knowing history wrong. All across America lay proof of others, before Columbus, visiting America. Even among Columbus’s own ships, he was not the first.

If we can get this most basic part of history wrong, what else might we have gotten wrong? How about the continent of Antarctica? Science tells us Antarctica has been frozen for millions of years. According to an article on Museums.wales titled “When Antarctica went into the deep freeze” Antarctica has been frozen over for 34 million years. Long before man stepped foot anywhere. According to history, the predecessor to modern man came about 1.7 million years ago. By this time Antarctica was cover in ice for over 32.3 million years.

Now what you are all shaking your head in agreement with the statement above; what would you say if I said I could show you proof that history was wrong? Ever hear the name Piri Reis? He was an Admiral in the Ottoman Empire. He was also a geographer. Admiral Piri Reis took it upon himself to make a map. There is a very famous map called the Piri Reis map. It was drawn on a gazelle hid. Amazingly it is very accurate. As accurate as today’s maps that use advanced technology to make them. What is truly amazing about this map is that it shows the coast line of Antarctica.

I know you’re thinking so what it shows an ice covered shore line. Well guess what? The shore line is shown ice free! Not only that it shown in detail. The map is dated to 1513C.E. and was created by using over 20 different sources; one of which came from Christopher Columbus. What truly makes this map so unique is that it changes history. The map shows the shore line of Antarctica 300 years before it was discovered. Not only that, but it shows the land before it was covered in ice. This possibly changes our history on when the Antarctic continent was covered in ice.


Even if the date of the ice covering the continent does not change, it still leaves open the irrefutable proof that man was well more advanced in the past then what we give them credit for today. How much more of our history have we gotten wrong? How much of it have we lost to time? Below are the links to the sources for this post. Go give them a read for more detail on the Piri Reis map.








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