30 Day Blog Challenge Day 3

Day 3: Your top 5 pet peeves.


When I started this blog challenge I said some of these may be short. This is most likely to be one of them. I do have some pet peeves, but not a lot to say about them. One of my pet peeves is how people carry their laptops. I know it sounds like a weird one, but hear me out. I work in IT and I have seen what can happen when a laptop is dropped. I once had seen a user holding her laptop between her thumb and forefinger. I literally took it from her and asked that she not hold it that way.

Another pet peeve is people who shorten words. I see it all the time on social media. I have seen people shorten a four letter word to three letters. You telling me they couldn’t hit one more character? I can’t pass correcting their spelling and grammar when I see it. Now for my top three pet peeves; these drive me up a wall. I see people on their cell phones while driving. I’m not talking about talking on a cell phone. I mean they are actively typing on it. Probably the same people who feel the need to shorten a four letter word to three letters. You’re going to kill someone, stop it.

This one just makes me mad. When people lie to me and I know they are lying. Just tell me the truth. It isn’t that hard. Now for the big pet peeve that I have yelled at complete strangers for. When you’re around people who are eating, don’t blow your damn nose! I was sitting at work, in the café, and trying to eat my lunch. This guy sitting at the table down from me started blowing his nose. I went off on him. He looked like a dear that got caught in the headlights.

Well there you have it, my top five pet peeves. What do you think? Did any of yours make my list? Leave your comments and as always, be sure to give me a follow and check out my Facebook page.


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