30 Day Blog Challenge Day 4

Day 4: Your views on religion


To give you my views so that you truly understand them I’m going to have to start with how I entered religion. When I was about 8 my mother started going to church again. I would try to pretend to be asleep, but she would drag me out of bed and make me get ready. I had no interest in going to a church. I wanted to stay home and play my video games.

I ended up being in a group with other boys my age. Rather than listening to some religious story we would play tag football. I was surprised. Church was nothing what I thought it was. As I got older and entered my teens I was moved to the teen boys group. The days of playing football was over. What I got instead was basically a classroom. I was taught everything you can imagine about religion. This is also where I first questioned what I was being told. You see, I was being told the Earth was only 12,000 years old.

I had learned in school that the Earth was billions of years old. Who was right? Was my Christian faith right and the world was only 12,000 years old? Or was the scientists who carbon dated dinosaur bones who said they were millions of years. Needless to say being a young teenager I chose the dinosaurs. As the years passed my interests moved to the paranormal. To be more precise I started to believe in life on other worlds.

For me I couldn’t reconcile that God had created the vast universe just for us to stare up at it. I had to believe that if life could happen on our planet, why couldn’t happen on another planet. This didn’t set well with my religious beliefs. I fought for years internally to come to terms with my religious belief and my belief in aliens. I even came up with reasons for why there was other life out there. God must have created them too.

Well that seemed to help me for a while. However, a time came when I got curious what Gods name really was. Well I found that out not long after having that thought. I was reading a book for a college history class when I came across a passage that mentioned the God of Moses. His name was Yahweh. I finally had the answer I had wanted. Well this just opened up more questions. How could Yahweh be real and have created all things if there were other Gods before him. For thousands of years hundreds of Gods were worshipped before him.

This was a pivotal point for me. I really started questioning everything about my faith. About a year after this I hit a bad point in my life. My health wasn’t doing too good, and it seemed like everyone I knew was doing great in their careers. Meanwhile I was still working as sub-contractor making money for someone else. I was done; I gave up on religion, on God.

You want to know what happened then. I felt free. I no longer felt like I was betraying God or that I was going to go to hell for believing in aliens. I started to realize that I had been brainwashed in a way and that I had broken through it. I also realized that Religion was a man-made construct to explain the things man could not explain, such as the Gods of our world. Our ancestors most likely called alien visitors gods since they seemed to be all powerful and come the sky. So now I am an atheist. Free to believe in what I want and no worries that I am going to split hell wide open.  I also believe that religious leaders now this already. They chose not to share this information in fear of losing power. So there you have it, my view on religion. It is nothing more than fiction.


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