30 Day Blog Challenge Day 5

Day 5: Your favorite comfort foods and why


I think the best way to approach this would to do it by meal time. So let’s start with breakfast. I would have to say my favorite comfort food is what I call a spicy bagel. It is a toasted bagel, spicy sausage, and provolone cheese. On those mornings when I wake up feeling like I didn’t sleep, it’s the spicy bagel I go for not coffee.

For lunch it isn’t food at all. Every day I drink flavor water. I always wait until lunch to start drinking it. It is simply something simple I can look forward to. When I open it and take a drink I feel relaxed. It’s always a great way to start my lunch.

Dinner is kind of a simple one. It’s pepperoni pizza. There is just something about sinking your teeth into a slice of good pizza. When I’m sick it makes me feel better. When I’m down, it lifts my spirits. It also brings back some great memories of my dad and I eating pizza at a pizzeria. That’s a story for another time. Well that’s all there is to it. Be sure to give me a follow and a like.


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