30 Day Blog Challenge Day 7

Day 7: Your favorite childhood toys


Wow this one is making me think. I haven’t thought about my childhood toys, well since childhood. I remember playing with GI Joe toys. I had maybe a dozen men at one time. I had a couple vehicles. I remember I would lose the guns, but that was ok with me. My GI Joe men used swords. Wondering where I got swords from? Do you remember the little plastic sabers that were used as toothpicks? Well they fit perfectly in the hands of my GI Joe men.

One of the other toys I had growing up was the He-Man action figures. I had He-man, Skeletor, Man at Arms, and a few others. Those are the ones that stand out after all these years. I also had Castle Grayskull. However, the one toy that was my all-time favorite was the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). Nothing could beat that 8-Bit marvel. I remember the day I got it. I didn’t get Mario because; I thought it came with the system. I instead got Castlevania.

I got up every day at 5:30am just so I could play it before I went to school. So of course since it was not only my favorite toy, but also one of my best memories as a kid; I had to have the NES Classic when it came out. Anyway, there you have it; my favorite childhood toys. Be sure to give me a like and follow if you feel so inclined.


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