Alita: Battle Angel

This is going to be a short post today. I wanted to touch on the new live action Alita. The anime Battle Angel Alita came out in Jun of 1993. It finished airing in August of that same year. The anime was derived from the Manga series of the same name. It was published from November 1990 to March of 1995. The manga spanned nine volumes and was first published in Business Jump Magazine.

The new movie Alita: Battle Angel is being directed by Robert Rodriguez. The screen play was written by James Cameron, Laeta Kalogridis, and Robert Rodriguez. Rosa Salazar will star as Alita. You may remember her as Brenda in Maze runner: The Scorch Trials. Here is the trailer for the new movie. Let me know in the comments what you think of it.



Dragon Balls and Fuel Cells

No I’m not talking about Fuel Cell powered Dragon Balls. Although that would be cool to see depending on what they do. I’m talking about two different things going on in Japan; both equally big in their own right. What would you say if I said you could eat at a Dragon Ball themed restaurant and then take a ride on a train powered by a fuel cell?

In Osaka, Japan a Chinese restaurant has been converted into a Dragon Ball themed restaurant. The restaurant will be serving Dragon Ball themed food. For all of you Oolong fans, or those who remember the events of dragon Ball, there is a dish you will love. The dish is called Oolong Chashui. It is a ramen dish with meat and pantie shaped tofu. The restaurant has many other dishes including one with a “dragon ball” in it. The restaurant will also be selling merchandise. If you are interested in going to this Dragon ball restaurant then you need to act fast. It is only for a limited time.

So now you have stuffed yourself and you are ready to head out. Why not get a ride on a new fuel cell train? Well you could if it was open to the public. Right now it is in the testing phase. According to an article by KEIGO IWAMOTO a staff writer at Nikkei, “The R&D arm of Japan Railways group has already began test runs on trains powered by hydrogen.” If these tests are completed and everything works they could eliminate the need for overhead power cables. It would also be a more eco-friendly alternative. Since the fuel cell train runs of hydrogen it would not put out any greenhouse gasses. It only puts out water.

Both the Dragon Ball restaurant and the Fuel Cell train sound amazing. If I am lucky someday I will be able to ride the train. As for the dragon Ball restaurant, I’m sure it will be gone long before I ever get to visit japan. Visit the links below to see some great photos of the Dragon Ball restaurant and of the train.


KEIGO , IWAMOTO. “Japan’s fuel cell train rolls ahead under its own steam.” Nikkei Asian Review, KEIGO , 11 Dec. 2017,


I have noticed recently that my posts are not doing as well as I would have hoped. The last three blog posts I put up have had a combined two views at the time of this writing. My goal is to provide you all with content you will find enjoyable. If I am not providing that then I need to adjust what I write about. I want to hear from you all.

How can I improve my blog posts to make it more enjoyable for you all? Among the topics I cover what do you want to read about? I cover Japanese Pop and Rock music, anime, manga, and the culture of Japan. Among these topics what do you all care about the most? What do you want to read about? I truly want to hear from you all. What can I do to make this blog more enjoyable for you? I look forward to hearing your responses.

Japanese Related Christmas Ideas

Christmas is a few weeks away. Some have finished their shopping already, others are just getting started. Either way we all have that one family member we always have trouble picking out a gift for. We always end up waiting until the last minute to pick something out. Most times the gift ends up getting returned. So I might have a solution for you.

For that perfect gift for the Otaku in your life I got some great ideas for you. Below you will find images of items that are made in Japan. Some may seem out there, but that’s one of the joys of buying things from other countries. So have a look and if you find something you like, look through the links at the end.

Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist started out as a Manga written by Arakawa, Hiromu. It was first published on July 12, 2001. The last manga was published on September 11th 2010. It ran for one hundred and sixteen chapters. That is twenty seven volumes. The written form of Fullmetal Alchemist did not end with the manga series. There was also a novel series that ran from 2003 to 2010 for seven volumes. The novel series was just as engaging if not more so than the manga series. I had read both the manga series and the novel and I fell the novel was more enjoyable. I believe this is due to the fact that I had read the manga and watched the anime series by the time I read the novels. The novels added to the rich world of Fullmetal Alchemist.

The anime series, or rather the first anime series, Fullmetal Alchemist first aired October 4th, 2003 and ended less than a year later. With 51 episodes Fullmetal Alchemist tells the story of two brothers Edward and Alphones Elric. This series spawned several movies, collectables, and even an alternate telling of the anime series. The alternate series was called Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. This series ran from April 5th 2009 until July 4th 2010. It ran for an amazing 64 episodes. That’s 13 more episodes than the original. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a closer retelling of the manga series.

The franchise did not end with the manga series, novels, or either anime series. While researching for this post I learned that there are two more chapters of the series coming. Not only that, but there is a live action movie in the works. To learn more about the new chapters you can go here

You can check out the live action trailer below.

Holiday Shopping

Today is the annual save a lot of money day or as we call it here in the US Black Friday. To be honest I don’t know why it is called Black Friday. The following Monday is called Cyber Monday. Both days are for holiday shopping. They are days set aside each year for stores and online retailers to get people in to spend their hard earned money on Christmas gifts. Personally I think it is over rated and I try to avoid shopping on Black Friday.

However, the stores do always have great sales going on. It would be a great time to get that Otaku in your family something good. To help them, I mean you; out in getting that perfect gift I have listed some links to online retailers for Anime, Manga, etc… The sites I have listed may sell adult items as well as age appropriate items. The ones I know for sure do are listed with a Caution. Be sure not to brows those sites with children around. (search Anime to get all related items) Caution: Site contains adult content Caution: Site contains adult content Caution: Site contains adult content


In today’s post I am tackling the concept of collecting. What gets collected and why they are collected.  I’m going to start off with anime figurines. When I started my research for this post I found several forums asking this very question. I started to notice a pattern that would develop within the first five comments on each forum. Inevitably someone would make a comment about being looked down on for collecting figures. There were of course those who rightfully came to their aid and proclaimed that there was nothing wrong with collecting figures. Collecting figures can be an expensive hobby. Some figures go for over a hundred dollars.

Now let’s talk about a subject I know a little more about, collecting pins. No I’m not talking about the kind you write with. I’m referring to the ones you ware. Collecting pins is a huge business. There are thousands of styles and subject matter. I have collected a few pins over the years. I got started with it when I went to my first anime convention over ten years ago.

Pins and figures are not the end all collectables. There are all kinds of collectables. Anime and Manga are two of the most collected. What you need to keep in mind is that it is your hobby. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your collections. Display those figures, pins, plushies, anime, manga, etc. however you want. Take pride in your collectables.


This blog post is going to deviate a little from my normal Otaku related posts. A good friend of mine runs a blog called TSetzler Designs. She is a web developer in Pittsburgh, PA. She asked me to put together something about The Otaku Corner for her blog. My post will show up on her blog on Monday the 13th at 10am Eastern Standard Time. Be sure to go give it a read and check out her blog. While you’re there be sure to give her blog a follow.

Reading Manga Online Legally

Gone are the days of walking into a book store and browsing shelf after shelf of complete manga series. Being able to walk into a Walden Books or Boarders book store and finding that missing volume was an amazing feeling. More often than not though, you had to order that missing volume and wait for it to come in. Then go pick it up.

Well those days are gone. You can still go to book stores and look for your manga. You can also go online to amazon, Viz Media, and many other online retailers and purchase. Or you can join the digital age. Today everyone downloads or streams movies, TV shows, and anime. Why not read your manga online? Below you will find links to various sites you can legally read manga online; so go get caught up on your reading.